Green Shares His Motivations With Chicago Tonight

Young people have always lead the way … the people that founded this country, like Alexander Hamilton, they were young and felt that the old way was done. I’m saying the old style of politics has to end.

Community organizer and entrepreneur Ja’Mal Green is making history as the youngest candidate to run for mayor.

At 15 i partnered with my school Wendell Phillips High School and we were doing all the youth programming … at 16 years old I was going state to state going into schools doing anti-bullying and anti-violence programs…

Green favors an elected school board to provide greater transparency and accountability for Chicago Public Schools as well as the creation of wellness centers across the city to provide services to those with mental illness.

So the first priority is to prioritize tax payer dollars… what we see, this is pay-to-play politics. I think Rom Emanuel keeps helping his friends out…

Green says that if elected mayor he would stop what he calls the “mismanagement of city funds” and then prioritize to ensure money is being spent wisely.

He also favors a plan that would require police officers to have their own independent insurance policies as a means of enhancing accountability.

Orginal Article By: WTTW

Author: Paul Caine

Published: 4/24/18 6:39 pm

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