Chains Or Change?

The city of Chicago is a vibrant city. It’s beautiful skyline can be seen for miles and it’s tall buildings reflect a rich history, but inside they hide the secrets of a dark and corrupt past. See many of us know Chicago for our sports arenas, downtown attractions and north side landscaping, but my Chicago tells a different story.

My Chicago is one of boarded up houses, inadequate education, and corrupt politicians. My Chicago is one where black and brown people are chained to the despair of our surroundings. We remain in a cycle built off of the promises of politicians and the failure of those same people. My Chicago is a forgotten city with a light that shines only in election season. My Chicago has been failed.

I say “My Chicago” because Chicago truly is the tale of two cities. We have for decades suffered at the hands of career politicians who refuse to put people over politics. Politicians who remain chained to the establishment and of whom real change is foreign.

Chicago needs to reform, renew, and revitalize, but we cannot accomplish that by constantly filling government seats with interchangeable bodies. We need fresh ideas and we cannot get it without fresh faces.

So I ask you, are you tired of your chains yet? Are you going to continue the vicious cycle of group think, or will you free yourself from the status quo? I for one would like to fight for one Chicago. One that isn’t tied to PARTY politics but to PEOPLE politics.

Too long Democrats have failed us. Too long republicans have ignored us. We need independence and a fresh start. We need CHANGE, no more CHAINS! We have been carrying the chains of despair for too long while our leaders get rich off our backs. It is time to free ourselves and take Chicago BACK!

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